Katelyn [Maude] Harder

Stuff you should know: My middle name is Maude. If I could eat Mexican food every day, I’d be living my best life. I try to follow the example that Jesus set. I’m an LGBTQIA2S+ ally and affirming business owner. I love spending quality time with my husband, Cameron, and going back home to visit my family in Arkansas when I can (WPS!). I enjoy reading good books, making spotify playlists, getting outside in nature, laying in my hammock, traveling all over, trying new foods, writing, and catching up with friends.

Hand-lettering has held a special place in my heart since I first learned cursive in elementary school. I was determined to have cool, neat handwriting as a kid, so I practiced and practiced and practiced some more. I found out I looooved when people complimented my handwriting, and so it all began.

Since then, I’ve put a lot of time into my craft. In college, when I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I decided to give my side hustle a name because I knew it would continue regardless of what I became. So, I created Letters by Maude.

I’ve always been a creative at heart, and I never thought doing what I love would blossom into my dream business. I am at my happiest when I get to create and see the pure joy that my work brings to my clients. ♡

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